Schools developing health and emotions is a 24-months Cooperation Partnership in the field of School Education that involves six organisations from five European Union countries (Finland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain). The main aim of the project is to improve the quality, training and efficiency of the work of professionals in the field of school education who are responsible for promoting comprehensive health and emotional education in secondary schools.

The main objectives of the project are:
‑To reinforce the key competences of secondary school teachers and other professionals in the field of school education for promoting comprehensive health at school;
‑To exchange experiences, good practices and methodologies between organizations of five European countries in health promotion and emotional education at school;
‑To create a new methodological guide and educational tools for strengthening health in teenagers and young people;
‑To create a network of organizations, active in the field of school education, that work for a comprehensive development of health based on a holistic approach that involves individual, school and community level.

Duration of the project: 01/02/2022 – 31/01/2024 [24 months]

The main activities are:
-Online kickoff meeting to define general aspects of the project and planning the steps before the coordination meeting;
‑Transnational Coordination Meeting in Portugal to specify strategies, working methodologies and details of activities;
-Phase I: analysis of the situation in each country and identification of good practices;
‑Transnational Coordination Meeting in Italy to exchange good practices and deliver a comparative analysis of the situation;
-Phase II: meetings in each country and analysis of learning needs;
‑Two Study Visits: one in Spain and one in Finland;
-Phase III: evaluation with participants on the impact of the study visits and creation of the Methodological Guide
‑Transnational Coordination Meeting in Romania to validate the contents of the Methodological Guide;
-Phase IV: creation of the recap video, of the final version of the Guide and of the eBook of the project;
-Multiplier Events in each country to present the Guide and the project results;
‑Final Evaluation Meeting of the project in Spain.
-Phase V: final versions of the project eBook and video and dissemination of project results.

This project will have an impact both on participants (new competences acquired and/or improved, personal and professional development, etc.), on the organisations (use of new competences and tools, exchange of good practices, creation of new products, better quality and efficiency, etc.), and on society in general (new tools to face the challenges of today’s society, greater awareness of the importance of developing emotional education and comprehensive health promotion in adolescents and young people, greater knowledge about emotional education, etc.).