Multiplier event in Malaga: “Educación para la salud integral y emocional en la adolescencia y Juventud”

Did you know that it is essential to work on emotional Intelligence from an early age? Have you ever wondered how to change your emotional state?

In the framework of the project “Schools developing Health and Emotions” Initiativa Internacional Joven has created a methodological guide with many useful contents and tools.

This morning they have presented it in an interesting activity at the University of Malaga where:

They have focused on the importance of emotional education through the work of Pablo Fernández Berrocal (Professor of Psychology and Director of the Laboratory of Emotions of the UMA) and the fundamental role of art thanks to the multidisciplinary artist Bohemio. They have carried out an activity connecting different musical styles and emotions, ending with an emotional cocktail.

Would you like to participate in another similar activity? Make a note in your calendar for 18 January.

For more information check out their social networks and website.

“Schools developing Health and Emotions” is a project co-funded by the European Union with the collaboration of entities from Finland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain.